I have mentioned this before; but if you are in musical theater, you should have some “go-to” songs for auditions. 

I am not a fan of learning something new for an audition piece.  You’ll have enough to worry about without having to pull a new song out of your anxiety-stricken brain.  Go with something tried and true.

But where to start? 

I would suggest pulling from a show you have already done; or if you haven’t done a show – pick a song you know inside and out.  And not just from a recording – you need to have worked on this music with a pianist.  The recording and the sheet music often do not match. 

I am also a fan of going with songs from older shows that aren’t performed often.  You want to sing something that the creatives haven’t heard a dozen times before (possibly by people who sing that particular song better than you) – you want something that will give their poor ears (and brains) a break. 

Whatever is the latest greatest on Broadway can wait – unless it is something you absolutely love and is absolutely perfect for your voice, and you can get your hands on the sheet music. 

Just remember, if you’re going to sing something not generally known, your diction had better be top notch.  People aren’t going to know what your singing before you sing it; they will need to understand the words in order to understand why you are singing this particular song.

I don’t know, maybe this is all just my excuse for indulging in my interest in esoteric songs with terrific lyrics and rhyming schemes (Holy crap! And thanks to trying to find the “perfect” image for this post, I just got my hands on a piece of music I’ve been looking for for years! Thank you!).  And my excuse for not learning songs from any of the newer musicals out there.

You do you, but make sure you do a song that is you too.  Do-bi-do-bi-do.


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