Giulia Pintus is an Italian artist/illustrator who is known for her whimsical style.  I, of course, enjoy it most when she applies that whimsy in depicting fat bodies.

While not a fat person herself, Pintus compares her love of the characters she draws to the difference between buying vegetables at the supermarket (everything is all the same big, smooth, shiny) to buying her vegetables from a country greengrocer where the vegetables are a bit crooked, sometimes still have roots and a bit of soil attached.  In other words, Pintus finds the beauty in what others may think of as imperfection. 

Pintus says she is inspired by real people and she likes to show the psychology of the person depicted.  To me, the characters Pintus draws seem content and peaceful.  Whatever they are doing, they are contemplative. 

My favorite series are the drawings of fat women with the moon and/or stars playing a part; but my all time favorite has to be the drawing of a fat woman under the water and the top of her head is an island in the ocean.  Just beautiful. 

I hope you enjoy these selections from my Pinterest Board – Fat Art – Giulia Pintus and feel free to go on Pinterest and check out more of her work.

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