I loved it.

It starts slow.  Almost deadly slow. 

I was thinking, am I really going to sit through two hours of this? 

I was thinking how could so many people whose opinion I really respect like this so much?

Hang in there.  You’ll find out.

This movie takes a while to find it’s heart, but once it does, there is no stopping it.

I cried, and cried, and cried.

It tugs the heartstrings unrelentingly.

And I cried because I want what this movie wants – for people to stop judging people for who they love.  For people to just care about each other.  For people to stop hurting each other for such stupid reasons.

And I cried for all the people who had to survive such pain and heartache just because society is so afraid of the “other”; and I cried all the people who didn’t survive.

I’m still crying.

The cast is amazing – first because of the talent they pulled in for this movie – and second because these actors are as great as you would expect them to be.  Nobody is phoning it in.

I loved the tributes to old musicals.

Watching this movie about wore me out; and it was absolutely worth it.

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