You may or may not have enjoyed my little video clips from past performances that I have posted on YouTube (and linked to my FaceBook page). 

I have enjoyed making them and viewing them because that’s just the kind of narcissistic person I am.

The program I use for making the clips (including my fucking delightful Christmas (A Winter’s Tale) video) is Movavi. 

For me it’s the perfect program.  It does a lot, but it’s not too hard to learn.  At least not too hard to learn the minimum I need to be able to do what I want to do. I have no idea of the full scale of what the program can do, nor do I have the least bit of curiosity in finding out. I take my new learning on a strictly need-to-know basis.

So, I’m on my computer Sunday night.  Late.  And I get a notification from Movavi that there is an update available and do I want it? 

Well, of course, I want it.  I love Movavi and am happy to see what they have done for me lately.

I click on the notification, which takes me to the Movavi website and I proceed to download the proffered update.

It downloads and I double-click on the .exe file to commence installation.

I tell my computer, it’s okay, I know these guys, and you can let them do what they need to do.

First thing the Movavi installation does is delete my old files. 

Um.  Okay. 

Next thing the Movavi installation does is fail.

Um. WTF?

I go back to the website and try again. 

Same results – except there is no notification that the old files are being removed – because my old files have been fucking removed!!!!

Okay.  Don’t panic. 

I try this three more times. Always with the same results. Installation failed.


I go to my program files and confirm that my Movavi program files are gone.

Okay.  Don’t panic.

I go to my download files and find the last .exe for the install I did for Movavi when I upgraded to the 2021 Suite. 

I try to install that file.

It fails.

Now. I. Am. Seriously. Pissed.

I send an e-mail to Movavi and let them know just how unthrilled I am with their update process; and ask them just WTF they plan to do about it?

And then I shut down my computer and go to bed. 

(Mind you, I am not a total idiot – my computer is backed up to the cloud daily.  I could get the program back from there, but what a fucking hassle that would be.  Movavi fucked it up and I don’t see why I should be hassled in order to fix the fucked-uppitry that they caused.)

By the time I got on my computer the next morning, Movavi had sent me an e-mail with a new download link.

It worked.

Crisis (and possible bloodshed) averted.

I open the program and the first thing it tells me is – there’s an update, do I want to install it?


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