I was thinking about how I feel about not having opportunities to perform.

And then I realized – I’m wrong.

The current situation gives you a great opportunity.

The theater groups are all calling for digital auditions. 

How often do you get a chance to work on your audition until it is perfect before the casting folks get to see it? 

This means you can have an audition piece where you never forget the lines; or there is never an ill timed gas bubble trapped in the back of your throat; or you trip on the way up to (or down from) the stage. 

You have infinite do-overs! 

Not only do you get do-overs, but the casting folks will never get to see what went wrong that made you want a do-over!  As far as they’re concerned, you nailed right out of the gate!

Holy crap!

So this is a really good time to start making digital audition files; so when you see a tempting audition – you have one ready to send in.

It is also a great time to start learning how to use various software to create your own sizzle reel, or library of you performing new material or old material; and sharing it with the world (or just your FB friends). 

You want to perform?

Well, there is a world of really bored people sheltering in place who are eager to be entertained.

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