I’m done with Christmas.

By that I mean, everything I need to do is done. 

Presents bought and on their way and cards printed, stuffed and stamped and at the post office.

What a relief.

I have half a mind to just take down the tree now.

But that would break Murphy’s little orange cat heart.  He loves his tree.  He loves making me redecorate the bottom two-three levels of the tree just so he can undecorate it for me.  He loves making the tree dance when an especially stubborn ornament refuses to hit the floor. 

And I love Murphy.

So, for now, he can have his tree.

I do have to plan for our Christmas dinner – often prime rib. 

Pretty sure I’m skipping the whole Christmas cookie baking thing – but we’ll see.  Some 7-Layer cookies sure do sound good right about now. 

I haven’t taken any vacation since February and I’m wondering if I should just take some days off to lay around the house.  But that’s pretty much what I do anyhow; so what would be the point?

Right now, I just want to sit back and luxuriate in knowing what all I have accomplished.


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