It’s funny that I find two sources for colorful rich fat art are Russia and Hispanic/Latin countries.  One country cold, drab and austere on the outside and the other warm and colorful on the outside.  What these countries have in common are a passionate populace, full of hospitality and a joy found in the every day struggle of life.

Casimiro Gonzalez was born and educated in Cuba, immigrating to the United States in 1980.  His artistic training is as a set and interior designer; but after moving to the US he became more and more interested in painting.

His paintings feature lush colors and lush bodies; and the bodies fat or thin (and of course, my preference are the larger, fuller forms) are well muscled and strong.  Even relaxing amidst nature, these are strong people and survivors. 

Some of the paintings have a whimsy about them – like his ballerinas and Las Vegas themed paintings – but there is always that sense of strength and a sense of survival amid struggle. 

“Within every work of art exists a life and message which are witnesses to the multitude of human  emotions, from within the colors and the forms, comes this magic, but nothing surges outward without the dialogue between the artist, the work  and the public. This dialogue, while unspoken , is fundamental and necessary in my life… and without it, I cannot create” 

Casimiro Gonzalez


“Essentially there are two thematic coordinates in his pictorial works:  one is a lyric, nostalgic and political interpretation of Cuba, and a hymn to humanity.  The other can be perceived as an active or contemplative form; this, generally is warm and affectionate, but can also be melancholy, bitter, sensual, dreamy and spiritual.  Interpreting Casimiro is focusing on disappointment and loneliness in the midst of cruelty.  Incidentally the characteristics of his personality are reflected in his Art:  suffering and compassion for the feelings of other human beings.  There is no hatred or rancor in his paintings or political facet, on the contrary, there is an interrogation.  And there is something he never forgets, nor accepts, and it’s the excessive ambition of some who are capable of going to any lengths to attain success, even if it means stepping over and hurting other human beings.”

Jose M. Neisten, Ph.D. International Association of Art Critics, Paris, France

I hope you agree that the art of Casimiro Gonzalez is something special.

To see his current work go to:

Here is a sampling of some of my favorites:


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