When it gets late and I still haven’t come up with a topic for Fat Friday, I always know I can go to my Pinterest boards and find some fat art that I would like to share.

I love Catherine Ducreux’s paintings and sculptures; but I know next to nothing about Ducreux as there isn’t anything, other than examples of her art, to be found online.

She was born in 1953. 

That’s what I know. 

Her paintings and sculptures are almost all women.  There are a few couples and families, and some masculine sculptures and paintings; but clearly her art is about the women in her paintings and sculptures. 

The faces of her subjects are all, basically, the same – eyes closed, small mouths.  Not a lot of expression.  The masculine figures are uniformly bald.  The female painted figures and sculptures vary between having hair or being bald. Her figures have small round heads, the females are mostly small breasted but the further down the body you go, the larger the body becomes.  Mostly her subjects do not wear shoes; although they are often depicted wearing stockings.

The faces are not happy but they are not sad either.  To me, they seem peaceful and content.  With the eyes closed, I feel that they are constantly looking inward.  The subjects seem to be aware of their weight and seem to simply accept it as part of their life. Even in movement, these bodies have a quality of stillness. 

I would love to know more about Ducreux’s thoughts about her work.  Her work is instantly recognizable as hers; but she has themes.  Also, it is unusual to find someone whose art is displayed both in paintings and in sculpture – with both being equally effective. 

As always, you can see examples of Ducreux’s art that I have gathered on my Pinterest Board – Fat Art – Catherine Ducreux.

Here are some examples that I particularly like:

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