When deciding whether or not to audition, you need to consider a couple things.

Are you available for all the scheduled performances?

And, is there any physical reason that you cannot actually perform the role?

Being available is self-explanatory.  Don’t go out for a show when you know that you won’t be able to be there for all the performances, and think that once you’re cast, you’ll just force the production to provide an understudy for those performances.  That’s a crappy thing to do.  If you really, really want to audition – be up front about your availability.

Whether or not you can physically perform the role is trickier.  I’m not talking about your size, age or gender (you know like being a fat old lady).  Those are decisions that the casting people can make.  I’m talking about a bum knee or bad back or memory problems … things that may or may not become obvious during the audition process.

A lot of theaters are getting smart and just ask you outright.  So, y’all, just be honest.

I was considering auditioning for a show.  So excited.  Haven’t performed in a year. 

Then I stopped to think.  The auditions are now.  I am just starting radiation treatments and in a month will be starting hormone suppressants – both treatments that can affect your voice.  So my audition may or may not represent what my voice will be doing come the fall when it’s time to perform. 

I know that these issues might not develop; but I can’t say for sure.  So, for me personally, I feel I need to give this audition a pass because I don’t think it’s fair to audition for a show when I know that there is a possibility that my audition may not give a true representation of what I may be able to do in a few months. 

I’m disappointed.  But I also feel I need to be honest with myself.  Plus until I know how my body is going to react to the aftermath of the treatments, I think I should just give myself permission to just sit back and not put any added pressure or stress on my fat old lady self.

Meanwhile, I’m using all that drive time for lots of in the car singing!

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