I can’t find a lot of information on Alice Simpson.  She may or may not still be alive.  If she’s alive – she’s around 78 years old. 

I hope she’s still alive and I hope she is still making art because her art is terrific.

She is the daughter of “rubber-legged” eccentric dancer Hal Sherman and her life and art are focused on theater, music and dance. 

She began as a graphic designer and illustrator; then in 1992 began creating Painted Books, unique hand painted folding books that found a place in international museums, libraries and with rare book collectors.

But it is her clay work that I love. 

Her first series, Abundant Beauty explores the mystique and beauty of the women who became famous as circus fat ladies; and they are wonderful.  Most are simply glazed with perhaps one or two pastel colors.  They capture the humor and boldness of these women. 

In her dance series, she has a contemplative fat dancer and in her opera series we have a bust title “The Contralto” which is just perfect.

And in her Portrait of the Artist series, she uses her own face to portray herself in various guises.

Ms. Simpson was very involved with the world of ballroom dancing; but I am glad that her sculptures, at times, show us people who are not average in size – or clearly – average in attitude.

Her website is:

My Pinterest page for Alice Simpson’s fat art is:


  1. Bona Fide Fatabilia! Love her art! If there is a website, maybe she is alive. Someone must be paying for it, unless funding was left in perpetuity Maybe we need a private FB group for collectors of fatabilia! Or maybe one exists already.

    • I am very much ALIVE, dancing and writing. In Fall 2023 HarperCollins will publish my second novel, THE WINTHROP AGREEMENT. Look for it in your local independent bookstores and bookstores everywhere. You may also want to read my first novel BALLROOM— also published by HarperCollins.

    • Dear friends,
      I’m very much alive and if it were not a Time of Coronavirus, you would likely find me dancing the tango.

      Having had a career in the fragrance and cosmetic design field, which was all about beauty and fashion, when I left that behind, I searched for other forms of beauty. On my website you will find a more in-depth article written about the series “Abundant Beauty,” which you may find interesting. You will also see my limited edition and One-of-a-Kind hand-painted Artist Books.

      In 2014, I had the good fortune to have my debut novel, BALLROOM published by HarperCollins in hard and soft cover. BALLROOM is about a NYC ballroom, which was about to close and some of the fictional people that danced there every Sunday night.

      With the surprising pleasure that has come from writing, I’ve continued to do so during these past four chaotic years, with a new story to tell based upon research of The Gilded Age.

      Thank you for your interest in my work. If you are interested in purchasing work, please contact me.

      Stay safe and well.

  2. Dear Alice,
    I first became acquainted with your wonderful art years ago when I took classes at the Center for Book Arts. While there, I was lucky to be able to purchase your accordion fold book called dance etiquette The Invitation. You hand-signed it in 1999 I love it sooooooo much! I would love to be able to purchase another, but your website does not indicate any for sale.
    I am 79 yrs. old, a ballroom dancer, and still an art teacher to children from 5 to 14. My experience with the Center for Book Arts in the 1990’s was life-changing, and I started giving workshops in creating unique books, to students and teachers. I created many of my own original books as environments for my poetry and prose.
    I hope you are well and safe. The Pandemic has kept my husband and I away from our dance nights, altho just last night, we agreed to attend a Dancing in the Streets event with our favorite DJ. Latin dance is our specialty, and we met in a Latin club 22 years ago. I have always loved the Argentine Tango, altho I do not dance it. I took classes to learn all about it at Lincoln Center, and became a lover of the music of Astor Piazzolla, altho his music in particular is not designed for dancing per se. I wrote a piece about attending a concert of Piazzolla music, as it was so memorable and incredible to be listening to it surrounded by a huge concert hall filled with people, with not a sound to be heard. We were all so mesmerized!
    I hope you will tell me how I might purchase another of your little dance books, if I can afford it.

      • tanteterri- I’m so sorry for posting similar messages again. Please feel free to delete where duplicated. I wish I knew who the woman is that met me at the Center for Books. But it’s been a very long time.

      • I just saw the post, and enjoyed reading comments from your subscribers. Recently, I am doing more writing than creating artworks, and as there are others with the same name, I have changed my name to Alice Sherman Simpson. I am the author of BALLROOM (HarperCollins) and in the fall of 2023, my next novel a work of historical fiction, which takes place during the Gilded Age will be published by HarperCollins.

    • So sorry that I am unable to contact you. You did not leave your name on your post, and it seems you are now “Unknown for Delete.” I’m seeking homes for my artist books and would have enjoyed your decision making! I continue to dance tango weekly and it is the joy of my life. You might enjoy reading my novel “Ballroom.” You can reach me through my website.

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