I could find precious little about the artist Des Brophy on the internet.

Des Brophy is a wonderful artist, whose art celebrates the joys of growing fat and old together.  Obviously two things that I very much appreciate.

I was able to find out that Mr. Brophy was a policeman in Sheffield (UK) for 22 years, observing the parade of drunks and rogues that represent a part of the human condition – and if his paintings are any indication, his years as a policeman left him amused and appreciative of the camaraderie and whimsy of fat old folks.

He works in watercolors, often muted colors suggesting the gray and damp life in the UK – but his subjects always seem to rise above the dismal weather surrounding them; and his paintings are always warm and friendly. 

I hope you enjoy these samples of Des Brophy’s art; and if you want to see more, feel free to visit my Fat Art Pinterest page

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