For such a prolific and popular artist, there is an amazing lack of information on the internet about her.  And you know I looked, because that’s just the kind of nosy fucker I am.

I love the art of Erika Oller.  Mainly watercolors showing fat old ladies (gee why would this appeal to me) – and sometimes fat old men – and cats (again – I love this because?) – and sometimes dogs – or chocolate or other yummy things to eat (the trifecta).  Often all these wonderful components are tied together with a clever title.

The words most usually attached to Ms. Oller’s work are “humorous” and “whimsical”. I agree.

Her website has expired.  I don’t blame her – she probably doesn’t need the publicity. 

Her art has been used on greeting cards, mugs, plates, figurines, even cross-stitch! 

It’s available on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon – lots of places.

Here is the teensy amount I was able to find about her:

Erika Oller studied painting and drawing at the National Academy of Design, School of Fine Arts in New York City, graduated from UCLA with a degree in Fine Arts, then studied some more at Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California State University in Long Beach, and Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. Until the early 90’s, she painted “seriously” in watercolor, then began a long career producing whimsical, sometimes satirical art for greeting cards and other products.

Erika is now firmly established as an artist and creator of witty captions. She is also a successful author and illustrator of children’s books. GREETING CARDS – Erika has boxed sets of greeting cards available in three different themes; cats, women and miscellaneous. Each box contains six different designs, two of each design, twelve cards total.

So if anybody knows Ms. Oller, please let her know I’m a fan and I think she deserves at least her on Wikipedia page! 

Here are some samples of my favorites (and as always, there are more examples on my Pinterest Board (– in fact, there are a ton of examples because, as I said, this is a prolific artist!  You’ll see how hard it was for me to pick favorites!):


  1. Hi,
    I lover Erika Oller too! I was looking up info about her and found this blog post! I have to find out more-such an amazing artist!

  2. I have been searching high and low for information on Erika Oller, and/or her email address- does anybody have this information? Her work is incredibly nostalgic for myself and been trying to get an original for my mother for her Christmas present for many years!

    • There is a in memoriam site on FaceBook for her. It looks like she passed on sometime around 2018. There are people selling some of her art (don’t know if they are originals) on Etsy and Ebay. You may have luck posting on the FaceBook site and seeing if you can find someone to contact about any original art for sale. Good luck.

  3. tanteterri – adore your use of language……..befits Erika Oller fans to a “T”.
    (Unsure if she’s still ‘alive’) Can’t find much personal info’ on her – I also adore Erika O.
    Stay safe, stay happy.

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