Every year, AARP members can take an audiology test using their phone.

Every year, I take this test and every year the results are within normal range for both ears.

Except this year. 

This year, both ears were below normal range – for my age.

Well, shit.

Okay.  They recommend you contact your healthcare provider and get a “real” test done. 

I agree. 

So I send my primary physician at Kaiser an e-mail and explain about the “failed” audio test and that I need a referral to take a “real” test.  My primary responds the next day that the Kaiser audiology department will call me to make an appointment.


A little later – the phone rings.

I pick it up.  It’s Kaiser audiology.  And BOY ARE THEY LOUD AND CLEAR.  (Just in case, I guess.)

All I wanted to do is laugh. 

I wanted to ask – why are you so LOUD?  I know I need a test, but I’m not sure I appreciate the assumption you are obviously making. 

You do know that LOUD sounds can damage hearing, right?  So again, why are you so LOUD?

It was kind of hilarious.  And I needed the laugh.

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