We had an adventure this weekend.

My husband likes to get some kind of exercise twice a day.  With the pandemic and with our weather being uncomfortably hot, he has cut back on doing his walking; and instead, he’s been doing cleaning around the house!  (I know y’all are jealous and you should be!)

Well he’d been doing some cleaning and accidentally left the door to our patio open.

Neither of us noticed.

But apparently, the cats noticed.

We didn’t know they were outside until, after dark, when Murphy (who talks – a lot) started telling us about it. 

Bill went to investigate and found the orange fur ball on the patio. 

Now, our patio is totally enclosed – three sides are building walls, and one side has a rather tall fence. 

It is highly doubtful Murphy would have been able to get his big keester over the fence, but with a little determination, we knew Leo could probably do it.  And Leo is, if nothing else, determined.

So we start looking for Leo. 

Bill checks the bed – where Leo spends most of his life, working on his kitty-snoozing; and I turn on the lights on the patio.

Leo is definitely out on the patio and he FREAKS when the lights come on. 

I don’t know what was going through that fuzzy furball of a brain; but it was not good. 

He would run up to the patio doors, but wouldn’t go inside and would then run away immediately. 

I just didn’t want him to head for that fence and decide to scramble up it – so I grabbed for him several times and missed; but I finally got the little shit by the tail. 

Leo was not happy.  I was not happy.  But I had him.

Luckily, Leo’s a little guy and I easily pulled him close enough to grab and pick him up. 

It didn’t occur to me that I might be risking life and limb picking up a freaked out unhappy little cat, but turns out he was fine being held. 

I took him in the house; and then he didn’t want to be held – now that he was back in his own territory; so I let him go and he ran for the bedroom – probably to catch up on the kitty snoozing which was, by now, way behind schedule.  

So it was an adventure (or as the cats call it, a “benture”) for all of us; and the only fallout is the cats are a little more assiduous about checking the patio doors in hopes they might be open.

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