For the longest time, Neflix wouldn’t let me watch Pose.  I have no idea why.  Nor do I know why it is now letting me watch Pose.

Usually, I tear through a series, binge watching as quickly as I can. 

I cannot do this with Pose.

I am not through Season 1 yet.  I have two more episodes to go.  And there are two more seasons after this?

How am I going to get through this?

This show tears my heart out.

During the 80s I was straight fat white girl from a small mid-west town living in Los Angeles.  I was singing with the MCCV choir.  I went to gay bars, discos, and drag shows; and I had so many dear, dear LGBQ friends.

And I watched so many of them die.

Some were gone before I even knew they were sick; others died by inches.

Watching Pose I am reminded of all those who did not make it to a time when AIDS became a chronic, but survivable, condition. 

I love that Pose gives trans actors the opportunity to share their talents.  I love that Pose is not just about gay – it is truly about the LGBTQ and other non-binary communities. 

And I am glad there is a show that honors the people that so many wanted us to forget; and I am glad that this show has garnered many honors because it was a sad but important time that we need to remember.


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