I don’t want to shame old people.

I certainly don’t want to shame Jane Fonda in particular. 

I’m not against wearing jewelry, of whatever nature.

I’m just saying, maybe you want to look in a mirror; and make sure you are creating the effect you want.

I saw this photo in an ad about best hairstyles for old ladies with thinning hair.

(Looking for a friend, a friend whose fine, thin and so white you can see my fat old lady pink scalp through a lot of it, and it bugs me.)

Anyhow.  Nice hair.

But I couldn’t get past those earrings.

Or more accurately, what those earrings were doing to Ms. Fonda’s poor ear.


Doesn’t that hurt?

I know they match the necklace, but …

Maybe have one (or two) of those earring links removed? 

Now, I feel the need to go through my jewelry and do a weight-test and see if maybe I need to be getting rid of some of my necklace / earring sets. 

Enough bits of me are stretching out all on their own thanks to gravity.  I don’t think any mechanical assistance is needed.

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