My ballot is in the mail today.

My husband and I sat down and went through our ballots together, as we do each time we vote. 

We have already spent time going through the various propositions on the ballot and discussing them – sometimes changing each other’s mind on whether to vote yes or no; sometimes not.

We take voting seriously.

We want to be informed.

We read the non-partisan analysis.

Sometimes we read the arguments and rebuttals – but more often we look at who is backing the arguments and rebuttals, which usually gives us an idea of who is hoping to benefit from each proposition.

I want to encourage people to vote.

To make informed choices. 

Review the issues.

Look at who is backing the propositions; who is arguing against them.

Fill out your draft ballot.

If you are planning to do a little dance with death and vote in person, bring that draft with you – don’t try to rely on your memory (unless you have a much better memory than I do).  Also, this will help keep those voting lines moving – not everyone has all day to wait in a line while you try to remember what you had decided. 

If you are doing mail-in voting, read the instructions carefully.  Follow those instructions carefully.  And then either drop it off at an approved location, or get it in the mail as early as you can. 

I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot better having my part in this election done and behind me. 

And in 2020, feeling better is a good thing.

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