Allergies.  God (that I don’t believe in), I hate allergies.

I never had them growing up in Michigan.

But I have had them ever since I moved to California, and they only got worse when I moved to Northern California.

To breathe or not to breathe – that is the question.

The only thing I have found that will knock the snot out of me (literally) is Benadryl.

For quite a while, Benadryl not only knocked the snot out of me (literally) it also did not make me sleepy.

No more.  I’m guessing just another surprise courtesy of my aging body.  Yippee.

Now, I know that if I take Benadryl, I will be able to breathe; but whether or not I can stay upright and awake has become a crap shoot.

Also, it’s going to take two doses – the first one will only “kind of” work; and after 4-6 hours, I take a second dose and finally … relief.

Nothing quite as lovely as snot-free airways.

So, on the one hand, I am so grateful to have found something that actually works (there are a lot of products out there that don’t do a thing against the allergy snot monster); on the other hand, why can’t it work without knocking me on my ass?

I mean, I’ll be doing stuff on the computer and – wake up.

Yes, I fell asleep in the middle of typing something.

And unlike the folks at Vicks, who were smart enough to develop BOTH Nyquil and Dayquil (Yay Vicks); Benadryl has no wakie-wakie version.


Come on, just add a butt load of caffeine to your pills – or something.

I mean, I add a butt load of caffeine to my body every fucking day – yet Benadryl has absolutely no problem overcoming all that coffee.

WTH do they put in this stuff?

Horse tranquilizers?

It is certainly an effective Fat Old Lady tranquilizer.

So, for the time being, when the allergies come visiting (which of course always scares the living crap right out of me in this age of COVID-19), Benadryl will remain my drug of choice.

And anyone expecting me to actually function afterwards will just have to deal.



  1. Lol omg the Benadryl is life’s best kept secret. My sister drinks a whole bottle of it just so she can eat strawberries.

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