There is one thing you need for theater.

You need it for auditions.

You need it for rehearsals.

And you need it for performances.

That thing is your source of hydration.

Never mind the little one-use bottles of water.

Bad for the environment and don’t hold enough water.

And some theaters are actually banning them now!

Also, doesn’t help when you need a hot beverage.

So, to cover that one thing you need, you’ll need to get yourself two things:

A big ass water bottle for your cold (or not-hot) fluids.

A big ass thermos for your hot fluids.

And depending on your needs, you need to have one of those on hand at all times.

You want something that won’t leak.

You want something that won’t break (because you know you or someone else is going to drop it or knock it over – because that’s how us graceful gazelles of the theater are).

It’s a good investment – much better than those chic bottles of whatever expensive water is trending these days.

Trust me.  It is a sign of a well prepared performer to have a big ass source of hydration with you.

It means you are able and willing to take care of your own needs; and that you are smart enough to know that you need to keep hydrated at all times.

And when I say “big ass” – I mean something ridiculously huge.  Something laughably huge.

In this case, size does matter.

Yeah.  Because you’ll be the one laughing while everyone else is running out of something to drink or trying to fill a bottle from a water fountain or bathroom sink.


Sooooo thirsty!



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