I’ve been sweating whether I needed to have someone in to fix our dishwasher.

The loads just haven’t been coming out clean – and you need to know, I’m one of those fools who washes the dishes before I put them into the dishwasher.

Also, the dishwasher soap was glopping down the door.

Not good.

We have really hard water – and have to run vinegar through our coffeemaker on a regular basis because of that.

So I looked up how to clean your dishwasher – and one suggestion was run it empty with a couple cups of vinegar in the bottom.

Did it.

I dumped the leftover vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher, and it didn’t drain.


I noticed that the mesh on the bottom (which when dry looked fine), with the vinegar covering it looked like it was coated with something – so I took a brush to that – got rid of whatever that stuff was and the machine drained.

I tried running another load to see if that worked.


My last hope of avoiding having a repairman in (into our Covid-19 free environment – and me and my husband are both high risk) was to try a different dishwashing soap.

I have always been a Cascade girl.

But when the pandemic hit, you couldn’t get it at my supermarket.

(WTF?  Were people squirting it up their asses?)

The only thing the store had was Finish.

Finish happens to be the dishwashing soap recommended for our dishwasher – so why not?

And that, it occurred to me, is when the trouble started.

And got progressively worse.

So my last dance with death at the grocery store, I picked up Cascade (which happily is back in stock – I’m assuming because people have realized it is not a COVID-19 cure).

And I ran a load.

Success!  Most of the gloppy Finish on the door is now gone and the dishes are fucking clean!


This is anecdotal evidence – but I’m just saying Cascade kicked Finish’s sorry ass to the curb.

Anyone want a half-full bottle of useless glopping dishwasher soap?



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