When I went back to college, I found the work so much easier than my fellow students.

Even with my fat OLD lady punkin’ head, I was able to accomplish things that stymied these sweet young things.

As the saying goes:

Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance. (David Mamet)

Okay – I didn’t exactly use treachery; unless you define treachery as years and years of learning how to solve (or at least work around) problems.

Experience is the one thing that takes time; lots and lots of time.

By using my problem solving skills I was able to ace every single one of my classes; without breaking (too much of) a sweat.

I’m not smarter than all those kids (maybe some of them, but surely not all); but when I saw a problem I was able to focus in on the problem and come up with a bunch of ways to work around it.

Medical transcription was something I rocked so much that the teacher wanted me to teach during her summer vacation.

I rocked it because I have been listening to lousy dictation from lawyers for over 30 years.  That shit changes you; and it teaches you to use context to figure out what the heck the person on the tape is talking about.

Ditto for reading crappy handwriting to do insurance coding.

The speed of my typing is the result of years and years of real world experience.

Yes, those perky little coeds have better reflexes than me – but my reflexes have been honed and fired in years and years of law office work.

Behold the ten dazzling digits of the legal secretary/paralegal/word processor.

I may be slowing down in my old age – but that still puts me in the damn she’s good category (down from the holy fuck category).

So I don’t mind getting older – mostly.

Because I know that there are things I can bring to any situation that no youngster can compete with.

And I also appreciate the things that they can bring to the party.

Because that’s how life should work – everybody has something to offer.

Appreciate others, but don’t forget to appreciate your old (treacherous) self while you’re at it!

fight me

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