So, instead, I’m going to bitch about something really stupid.

I’ve been watching The 4400 on Netflix.

I pretty much like it, but there is one thing that is making me crazy.

When the story calls for a woman in the show to eat ice cream (because we all know that every upset woman can only be soothed by cold creamy goodness), they use these oversize spoons and only put the itty-bittiest amount of ice cream on that big ass spoon.  Or they put a regular amount of ice cream on that big ass spoon but only eat a teensy bit of it at a time.


I don’t know if this an actor’s choice or a personal choice, but it’s so stupid.

If your character is soothed by ice cream (as apparently all writers think women are), then she should fucking eat the ice cream.

If the actor personally can’t stand ice cream or is terrified to eat something like ice cream, then give her something else to eat.  I don’t know – sugar free pudding, granola, gruel – something that the actor will actually eat.

Or maybe just let the actor do something besides eating – because it is really uncomfortable watching someone eat something that they are so clearly uncomfortable with.

Just saying.

ice cream

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