Here we are.  All in “lock down”.  Not much going on.

And it’s possible it may be quite a while before there is much theater going on.

So what are you going to do?

Well, there are some performing opportunities.

Record yourself performing and, if you like it, post it on YouTube.

Here’s the perfect time to get some new audition material together!

Did you know if you buy sheet music from, you have a choice of keys it’ll print the music in, and once you buy it – you can open the music in your account and have the computer play the music for you!  Accompanist on demand!

Learn a new accent or dialect!

Or even learn a new language – because once you have the basic rules of pronunciation for a language down, it makes speaking English with that accent a bit easier!

Go to YouTube and learn some new dance or exercise routines – it’ll sharpen your dance audition skills!

You can even pick up some tap!

Don’t have tap shoes?  Hard soled shoes and a hunk of plywood or a plastic mat will do!

Revisit an instrument you used to play.

Learn to sew!  (If you have the materials on hand.)

Learn to do some other craft.

A friend posted how she went through all of her theatrical makeup, organized and stored it.

I encourage you to take this time to create a good theatrical makeup kit, with all the little things you need (not just makeup – safety pins, sewing kits, bandaids, etc.), so the next time you have a show, you can just pick up your bag and you are ready to go!

Organize and store your costume bits and props.  (How delightful, when you need something – that you just know you already have – you can actually lay your hands on it!)

Why, you could even write a theater blog.

(Just don’t expect a lot of people to read it.)

Contact your favorite local theater groups and find out what you can do for them.  Of course, they all need money – but they may have other tasks they need done, now that we all have the time.

Mostly, keep your mind and body entertained.

Lucky, for me I am easily amused.


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