I had a post all written for today.

But then something sad happened.

My brother-in-law Wayne passed away last night.

It was not unexpected.  It was not COVID-19.  He had been fighting cancer for some time, and then they found it in his liver.

He had been terribly ill.

So there is some sense of relief that his suffering is over.

He was in home hospice care, so he passed away with his wife and daughter and son-in-law at his side, in his own home.

I was not terribly close with Wayne, but I can tell you this.

He was a good man.

Above all, I believe, he loved my sister Linda.

And that is the most I could ask of him.

Linda is a strong, resourceful, smart woman.  She will go on.

She has friends in her community and is involved in their emergency squad.

I am sure she will become more involved as time goes on because Linda is a joiner and Linda is a helper.

When Linda sees a need, she wants to fix it – or at least make things better.

That’s what she does.

Wayne loved when they lived in Mexico.  He spoke Spanish fluently.

He loved teaching English to Spanish speakers while living in Mexico.

Wayne brought music, so much music, into their life.

He played saxophone, ukulele, and dulcimer.  (And I’m sure other instruments that I am forgetting.)

Linda and Wayne met while they were both working for Dow Chemical.

Once they started dating, that was it.  They were always a couple.

Some things are meant to be.

Wayne had two children from his first marriage, Don and Debbie.  I don’t know much about Don, but I know that Debbie is a smart, successful, beautiful woman – happily married with an equally smart and beautiful daughter of her own.

Wayne and Linda had two children – Rob and Jo.  Both of them are scary smart and wonderfully caring, loving individuals.  Married to amazing people, and Rob and his wife, Sarah, have a son – equally smart and amazing.

I will miss you Wayne.  I am just one of many.

You were a good man.

Rest in peace.

Linda and wayne


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