Many people wonder what the producer does.

Well, the job is in the title.

The producer is in charge of making sure all the thousands of bits and pieces necessary for a show are in place and come together.

They take the chaos that is making theater and actually organize it!

Costumes, scenery designer and construction, orchestra, director, assistant director, stage manager, stage crew, choreographer, vocal director, music director, lighting and sound designers and operators, front of house crew (ushers, concessions, tickets), rehearsal space, (often) water and other refreshments, programs, chairs and music stands, prop master, and the list goes on and on.

Not only do they need to oversee all these people – they need to run interference if there are any clashes between them.

They have to enforce any rules the rehearsal space and/or theater has.

They make sure the script and music are available to everyone who needs them.

And they make sure scripts and music books are returned.

They make sure the trucks are there to pick up and deliver sets and props for move-in and move-out.

And on top of all of that, they try to keep the cast, staff and crew happy.

And they do all of this so unobtrusively that many people wonder what a producer does!

So show proper respect and appreciation to your producers.

They are too often the unsung heroes of theater.


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