Growing up, I was blessed with “good” skin.

Very few zits.

As I grew older, the facial lines and wrinkles remained negligible.

Of course part of this was because I am a FAT old lady.

You can’t put a wrinkle in a bubble!

Now that I am a fat OLD lady, my skin has turned in a great dry desert .

So fucking dry.

So dry it itches all the time – mostly my face and my legs.

And of course, with the whole COVID-19 thing, you’re not supposed to be touching your face willy-nilly.

Even when your face is itching like crazy!

I never used much in the way of skin products.

I still don’t.

But I do slather on whatever moisturizing lotion was on sale and in the biggest bottle almost every morning.

And if I don’t, I am tortured by the itches.

I just now put an inordinate amount of lotion on my face and my face just sucked it all right up.

I mean, I barely started to rub this stuff in and it’s gone!

You could almost hear the slurp!

WTF is going on?

I attribute part of the issue to my skin being used to Michigan air – that is always full of moisture thanks to be surrounded by the Great Lakes.

But for fuck’s sake, I’ve lived in California for over 40 years now.  You would think my skin would have acclimated (literally).

My hands get dry too; but they don’t tend to be itchy.

The other day, I horrified myself when I ran my finger up the back of my hand – and the skin just stayed where I pushed it!

OMG.  I’m turning into the Cryptkeeper!

I admit I also found this kind of fascinating and repeated the experiment several times before running to the bathroom for my big ass bottle of lotion.

Can’t wait until I do this with my face and the skin stays where I push it.

And you (and I) know that day is coming.



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