I know this is a common complaint.

Seems, from time to time, we all bitch about people using “Reply All” when they are responding to a group e-mail.

But it happens so often, I must believe at least some of the people bitching about using Reply All, are also replying all.

Would you please, just fucking STOP IT?

If I had any interest in or questions about the original e-mail, I would have responded – to the sender.

If I have no interest in or questions about the original e-mail, chances are I don’t want to be included in more discussion of same.

All, I’m asking is that you take a moment and consider whether your reply is, indeed, to ALL …

Or is it simply to the sender of the e-mail?

And while you are taking that moment, remember how many times you were personally fucking irritated when e-mail recipients used Reply All.

Then act accordingly.

I know, as you sit at your computer, you feel all safe and snug from retribution.

But I swear to God (whom I don’t believe in), one of these days I’m going to start hunting you all down.

And, yes, I’m having a crabby day.


You’ll never see me coming.


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