I am (mostly) an introvert.

I am usually happiest when left to my own devices.

Which is why my favorite vacation was one that I spent totally alone.

It must have been in the fall of 1972 or 1973.

I had vacation time coming from my job, but no money (or desire) to go anywhere.

So my Dad let me use the cottage up at Long Lake.

Now, this is a time of year when nobody is at the lake.

The snow hasn’t come yet, it’s not deer season yet, and it’s too cold for most water sports.

I stayed at the cottage all by myself for a week.

I dragged the canoe down to the lake and would paddle about the empty lake most days.

I went to sleep when I wanted and got up when I felt like it.

I ate when and what I wanted.

And read – a lot.

No TV, no phone.

Just me, my books, and the Lake.


I don’t exactly hate people.  It’s just that y’all have a tendency to wear me out.  Especially people I don’t know.

So that’s why, to this day, my idea of a vacation is to go somewhere and do nothing (except read – always lots of reading involved).

I’m not there to sight see.  I’m not there to pick up some of the local “color”.  I am all about the relax-cation.

On the other hand, I do enjoy vacations where I get to spend time with people I love, like family and friends.

So, see, I don’t hate all people.  Just the ones that want to force me to be polite or be friendly or to smile.

You know, the stuff my friends and family do not expect of me!



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