Usually, I can tell if I have a cold or allergies.

But right now, I feel sort of betwixt and between.

For one thing, I’m approaching the opening of the show I’ve been working so hard on.  I am surrounded by folks who are battling colds or flu or some kind of creeping crud.

I feel for them – 2 are schoolteachers; some have kids; others have jobs where they deal with the public.

I am blessed by the anti-germ Gods because I work from home; so my chances of exposure to other people’s creeping crud is very limited.

However, I have allergies that just pop up out of nowhere.

They pop up and hit hard; and then the next day, they’re gone.

I have found Benedryl works for this.

So that’s a goodness.

Because I am approaching opening of A New Brain, I cannot accept that I might be coming down with something.

I have no time for this.  I have no patience for this.  It cannot happen.

On the other hand, I’m in close quarters with folks who are sick with or have been exposed to God only knows what.

I am tired and achy.

I am a fat old lady, I am constantly tired and achy.

Last night during rehearsal, I had a tickle in my throat.

Scared me to death because it would not go away, no matter how much Mint Medley tea I poured down my throat.

Today, the tickle is gone, but I woke up snotty.

I don’t usually wake up snotty – the allergies wait until I am up and about before they hit.

Don’t care.

It is not, I repeat NOT, a cold.

It IS allergies and I took my Benedryl and everything has dried up.


I picked up pineapple juice (to drink hot), just in case.

So WTF body?

If I am getting sick, you waited until NOW?

NO! That is not acceptable.

After January 26, 2020, you can get as sick as you want, but for now …


So if it is a cold … reality, don’t bother knocking.  I’m not answering. La, la, la, la, la, la … I can’t hear you …

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