No, this is not the latest caffeinated drink at Starbucks.

It is an organization that lets you make small ($25 and up) loans to people in need to help them better their lives.

You can browse loan requests by category (women, refugees and IDPS, single parent, conflict zones, etc.), review the requests, see how much they are asking for and how much has been funded.

And when a loan is paid back (they havea  96.9% repayment rate)  – I can just loan it out again!   So the same money just keeps benefiting people.

How cool is that?

There is a small charge (which is a tax deductible donation) to Kiva for each loan you make.

I know what it is to be poor and need help; so this makes me very happy.

I forget who put me on to Kiva, but thank you so much.

I love this organization.

Thank you Kiva for being there to help me help in my own small way.

Kiva Website



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