When I was a freshman in high school, I had to have the rabies shot series.

This was way back, when you had to have one shot a day for two weeks, and if you missed one, you had to start over!

Also, the shot was in your belly.

The only place I could get the shot was at the hospital.  So every day, for two weeks, I had to go to the hospital’s emergency room and get my shot because that is where the medicine was kept.  (No I don’t know why.)

So, how did this come about?

We were doing experiments in biology, and two girls were doing something with mice.  One of the mice got loose and the whole class went crazy – including the two girls.  (I don’t know why you would do an experiment with mice if you were afraid of the little fuzz balls.)

I am not afraid of mice.

I have had mice for pets.

I caught the mouse and put him/her back in his/her cage.

In the process the little fucker bit me and drew blood.

No biggie.  Mice have little teeny teeth.

Except, the next day one of the mice was dead.

The girls who owned the mice had no idea which mouse was the one that had bit me.

So off to the doctors I go.

The dead mouse had to be sent to Lansing to be tested for rabies.

By the time the tests results came in, it would be too late for me if I had contracted rabies.

So, 14 shots in the belly it was.

For the most part, the shots were not a big deal.

(I am also not afraid of needles.)

The secret to getting an almost pain free shot is to relax the muscle.

Muscle tissue is fibrous.

Relax the muscle and the needle slides in between the fibers.  No pain.

Tighten the muscle and the needle has to tear through the fibers – OWWWW!

However, there was this one nurse.

I don’t know what her problem was, but she would grab a hunk of belly flesh and pinch it just before giving the shot – which meant I would automatically tighten my muscle and the pain was excruciating – the shot had to be given very slowly so if it hurt, it kept on hurting for quite a while.

I’m sorry she was unhappy with her career choice, but why take it out on me?

I understand they have made getting the rabies vaccine much easier now.

Not that I plan on ever having to verify this personally.

Once was definitely enough.


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