More than ready.

I need it to be Saturday.


I know I am lucky to have a job.  I am lucky to have a job in a very stable industry (law – in California, are you kidding?  Somebody is always suing somebody).  I am lucky to have a job that I understand and can do a reasonably good job of.  I am lucky to have a job where I can work from home.  I am lucky that we can afford for me to work part time.

I am so f*cking lucky.

But today, I’m just tired.  So very tired.

No, not tired.


And here’s the thing about working from home.

You never get a day off.

At least, I don’t.

Even when I am sick, I work.

I mean, why not?  It seems silly not to.

I’m a legal word processor.

I sit in a chair and I type.

Another thing I’m lucky with – I have not been so sick that I can’t manage to sit in a chair and type.

I may feel lousy while I’m doing it, but I can do it.

And I’m not even sick today.

Just weary.

But hey, that’s why the god I don’t believe in made coffee, right?

So I’m sucking down that caffeine and eventually, I’ll face this work day.

And then it will be Saturday.



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