Not the kind of goop peddled by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Not that nonsense.

We are talking serious, practical Goop.

Goop with a capital “G”.

The well known glue that is supposed to work so well.

When my hot glue gun failed to stick the star on top of my Christmas Dikke Dame Doll, I knew I needed some serious adhesive.

So I went on a Goop hunt.

Actually, it didn’t take that long.

Not only did I know where it should be, it was actually there!

(Proof the age of miracles is not over.)

But alas, my Goop has not survived its years in the kitchen drawer.  Thanks to our hot summers and lack of AC, my Goop is basically a tube of slightly sticky, very smelly, clearish, plastic.


Okay.  Not really that big of a deal.

Thank you SmileAmazon. (Which, by the way, I hope y’all use instead of regular Amazon, because you can designate a charity and a percentage of each purchase goes to that charity – without it costing you a penny!  How f*cking cool is that?)

Only this time, I ordered a pack of small tubes, in hopes that any unopened tubes will have a longer shelf life than my big honking (opened) tube.

Plus we now have A/C (which we turned on for the first time tonight, and hallelujah – it works!).

So soon my life will be goopasetic.

It’s good to have things to look forward to.


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