I haven’t seen the TV show.  I love Aidy Bryant and would love to see it, but we don’t have Hulu.  (Sigh.)

Anyhow.  The book.

It is the type of book that I usually avoid.  A bunch of essays.  Although, basically, Shrill is biographical.  Lindy West is telling us about her life.

Her life as a smart witty woman who also happens to be fat.

I love her style of writing, her choice of words, and her phrasing.

Much of the book is funny and much is heartbreaking.

It is all honest and from the heart.

And she talks about some of her most private moments.

What I also found amazing was the amount of misogyny that she has faced and continues to face in her day to day life.

And, of course, fat bias, which is often interconnected with the misogyny.

Her feminist message is one that I think all women can relate to; she has not been shy about sharing it, and has suffered because of her refusal to STFU.

There is a lot in Lindy’s life that I cannot personally relate to; she and I are very different in our approach to life.  In some ways she is tougher than I think I could ever be, and in others she is much more vulnerable.

And she cries a whole lot more than I do; well, at least now that I’m on proper medication!

But that is one reason I like this book so much.

I love getting to hear the viewpoint of someone who has a very different outlook on life.

I’m glad Lindy West is shrill.

Not surprising, because this fat old lady can be pretty shrill herself.


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