My mother was not a great cook.

In fact, there were a limited number of things she could cook well, and the rest was pretty awful.

But one thing about my mother’s cooking was consistent.

When my mom cooked, she would use every pot and pan in the house.

We had no idea how (or why) she did it, but there was always a superfluous number of dishes and utensils and cookware that required washing and drying after my mother prepared even the simplest meal.

It remains a mystery to this day.

For Easter Sunday, I made a simple meal.  Bill likes ham, okay, but he’s not a huge fan; so I didn’t want to make a full blown traditional meal.

I made a casserole of scalloped potatoes, ham, and peas (topped with white cheddar cheese); ambrosia fruit salad, and rolls.  I also made my niece Jo’s eggless key lime pie.

And somehow, the dishwasher is full.


I may look like my grandmother, but I cook like my mother.


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