I don’t know why, but I am feeling weepy today.

Everything I’m feeling seems to be magnified.

And yes I remembered to take my pills this morning (all of them, even my fat old lady let’s not be so crazy pills).

Feeling nostalgic for home, family, and friends.

My wonderful cousin Alice called this morning and we talked about our home town, and my fluffy ball of fuck you (and how I still look over thinking I’ll see her snoozing in her stinky little bed), family, and her wonderful cats.

A friend from L.A. posted about keeping her foster baby busy in the kitchen while she baked, and I remembered how my Grandma Harris would have me sit on the floor in her kitchen (in the house my cousin Alice now owns) and play with all the pots and pans and lids that were in the drawer under the oven, and she never minded all the joyful noise I made.

I found out that two theater friends (one from my days in L.A. and one from my present life in the South Bay) are now connected.  Two immensely gifted men!  And it made me so happy to know how small a community live theater actually is; and how happy I am that these two men know and have worked together.

Then a theater friend from South Bay posted the most beautiful and wonderful photos of her participating in a podcast (Drunk Broadway) – drinking and wearing a dragon onesie – how do you get more fabulous than that?

So I think, mostly, I am feeling so grateful for the life I have led and the live I now lead which has brought so many sweet memories (new and old).

Something I should remember more often.

Thank you to all of my friends and my family who have touched my life.

So far, it’s been grand, simply grand.

big love


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