Not the payee – the payor.

Who is paying you?

That is who you are working for.

Got it?

That means, you now do things the way your current employer directs.

Yes, we know that at your last job you did things differently.

Don’t care.

Yes, we know you are used to doing stuff a different way.

Don’t care.

And I certainly don’t care that this is the way you learned in school.


First, if your last job was so fricking perfect, why aren’t you still there?

Second, you aren’t there anymore.  You are here now.

I have worked for the same law firm for 23 years now.

As a word processor, as a legal secretary, as a paralegal (and before that I worked as a legal secretary/paralegal/office manager for the same attorney in L.A. for 17 years).

And now, I’m back to being their word processor because it allows me to work from home.

When I tell you that this is how we do things here, BELIEVE ME.

Don’t argue with me.

Don’t tell me about your last job.

Just listen and learn.

And, you know what, if it is too much for your little punkin’ head to absorb or you are unable to change your wicked ways – send it to me and I will fix it.  That is why I get the “big” bucks.

And for the love of Christ, if I reformat your document, DO NOT F*CKING PUT IT BACK TO THE WAY YOU HAD IT.

There is a reason why I changed it.

I don’t do this shit for the joy of it or to irritate you (although that is a bonus).

You do your job, let me do mine.

Unless of course, instead of being an attorney, you are longing to be a legal word processor; in which case, my job could open up immediately, and let’s see how you like dealing with people like you all day long.


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