We had actual weather yesterday!  Honest-to-God weather.  Michigan-esque weather.

We’re listening to a podcast, and we get thunder!

In California, for whatever reason, we don’t get much in the way of thunder or lightening.

We had thunder, and quite a bit of it.

Then we got hail!

Cute little-bitty hails!

Then we got lightning!

At this point, the cats ceased to be amused, but I was thrilled.

And then we got more hail.  Bigger hail.

Lots of hail.

And of course, rain, lots of rain.

It was an exciting time in Southern San Jose yesterday afternoon!

And people question my ability to retire to Michigan and deal with the weather there.

Ha, I say.  Ha!

Don’t believe me?  Judge for yourself.  This is our patio – I have to go find mittens, scarf, puffy jacket, boots and find a snow shovel!

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