It is nice to know that I still wield a voice that can put the fear of God into people.

The beginning of January, we had a split (ductless) HVAC system installed in our wee house.  And It has been a joy.  The house has been much cozier this winter, and we look forward to some much needed cooling when the summer months hit.

However, this kind of work requires a permit and an inspection.

We were told by the installers that we could expect to receive our permit in the mail in a couple of weeks and then we’d have to arrange the inspection.


Comes February – no permit.  I call.  I get told, that their permit person will be going this week and we should get the permit early next week.


No permit.  More calls.  No permit.  More calls.  (And each time, I am told verbatim the same exact thing – like I won’t remember and know that this is clearly a line of polished bullshit they give to everyone.)

It’s now March.  I am not happy.

I call, and use my THIS FAT OLD LADY IS NOT HAPPY voice.

It’s a quiet, low voice, full of lots of barely controlled rage.

I explain what has happened, step by step.  I explain that I have checked with the City website and there is no permit open for our address.  I do not threaten (explicitly), I just make it clear that this is their last chance.

And they brought the permit to our door.

(They left it in our mailbox – for some reason, they didn’t want to see me face-to-face.  I wonder why.)

When I worked in LA, my boss used to ask me if I was in a bad mood, and if so, would I like to call such-and-such person for him.  He recognized a valuable tool and how to use it.

And yup, I still have it.

dih portrait


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