Every year, we get June bugs.  Lots of them.  It’s gross, but they stay on their side of the screen and we stay on our side.

For some reason, this year we have July/August bugs; and somehow, one got through to the wrong side of the screen.

Crafty little fucker.

Our orange tabby Murphy, was aware of this trespass, and took it upon himself to make his new friend welcome – by playing with it.

By the time I was aware, the bug was pretty much grounded, but was still trying gamely to get away from his buddy Murphy.  Even when Murphy would put his buddy in his mouth and try to dine on him – the bug would get out, land on the floor, and try to fly away.

Tough little fucker.

Now, I personally, cannot step on a big old crunchy-on-the outside / gushy-on-the-inside bug.  Just thinking about the resultant crunch/squish makes my skin crawl.

So I was urging Murphy to finish the job.

Instead, Murphy disappears down the hall with his new friend – to the bedroom.

I decided I would just rather not know.  Bad, bad choice.

Because when I eventually went into the bedroom.  There was Murphy on the bed, digging around in the sheets and covers – trying desperately to find something he apparently has misplaced.

Fuck me.

So I shake out all of the bedding – including the pillows.

No bug.

Of course, I can see there is no bug; but my mind is telling me – there was a bug, and unless you can confirm the whereabouts of the missing bug, there is still a bug.

Needless to say, I had a very hard time falling asleep, in the dark, where there was a bug possibility.

Stupid cat.

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