murphy   vs.    Chair

Do you ever have those flashes about something bad happening just before it happens?  Something that has never happened before, and yet, you can picture it happening – and then it is part of your reality?

Kind of spooky, huh?

Well, I’m petting our orange cat Murphy.

Murphy is lying on a kitchen chair.

Said chair has a traditional vertical spindle back.

Can you predict what happened as a stupid cat starts lolling around and rubbing his head enthusiastically against the spindles?

Oh, yeah, it happened.

Head stuck between the spindles.

Really stuck, because the spindles spread out as they go up and get narrower at the bottom.  So of course, trying to get loose he lays flat and just tries to pull.

Lucky for Murphy, I was right there and got him loose immediately.

That did not stop Murphy from freaking the hell out; and when Murphy gets really really scared, he gets the dry heaves – cat style dry heaves.  You know that gut wrenching “HNNNUH” like he’s trying to bring up a hair ball the size of Kansas.

And I’m holding him trying to assure him, he’s just fine.

And praying, please don’t puke on me, please don’t puke on me ….

He didn’t puke on me.

But … he’s still a stupid cat.

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