back pain

No, I don’t think I have a cold.

The problem is I was at the set shop (1776) today and I have a mega snoot full of sawdust, paint dust, and spackle dust.

Kudos to Jeffrey, king of the shop, for keeping us all productive doing things within each person’s abilities.  For me that means, the only thing in the shop that is plugged in that I am actually able to use is the vacuum.  (I know Ben Franklin is all about the electricity – me, not so much.)

I ran quality control – feeling sanded flats to make sure there were no rough spots that needed sanding, and pointing out holes to be spackled.  And moving flats.  (Everyone on the shop is now on warning to stand clear when I am moving a flat, since I clipped poor Jeffrey in the mouth with the edge of a particularly unwieldly flat.)  And picking up wheel blocks from the freshly painted sleds – not noticing until too late this meant the wheel blocks were also freshly painted.  Argh.  Helping fold the painting tarp (paint side in, which is neater, but also means when they go to open it, it will effectively be glued shut), and vacuuming.

So tonight I have big plans involving lots of ibuprofen and a heating pad.  Jealous?

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