I was on my way to Dollar Tree (LOVE $Tree) this morning.  It’s been chilly and wet, but since we’re in Northern California, you know it’s not too bad.  Still …

There’s a homeless guy and his dog, sharing a sleeping bag under awning of an empty storefront.  Not begging, just hanging, and I was moved to give the guy $5 with the wish that he simply take care.

I did my shopping, came out, loaded the car, and started to leave.  The guy was walking towards my car, and I waved, and he signaled me to stop.  I did and rolled down my window and he handed me a white box with lovely white and blue ceramic napkin rings in it and wished me a Happy Thanksgiving.

Yes, I cried a bit on the way home. Yes I cried a bit when I told my husband about it and showed him the napkin rings, and yes, I’m crying a bit right now.

I know not everyone is in a place to give cash, not everyone is in a place where they can give at all; but when I give I do not expect anything in return.  That, to me, is the true joy of giving; and the one thing we can all give is love for each other.

I could have refused his gift, I could have offered him more money for them.  But instead I said, “Thank you.”  Because why would I want to deny this man the joy of giving?

Just felt like a true Thanksgiving moment in these troubled times.

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