back pain


I know that sounds odd (and no I’m not surprised that I have a muscle – you carry around a fat old lady body, you got some muscles under all that fat).  But I have this reoccurring severe pain in my side/back.  I’ve been worried it could be kidney stones or kidney trouble (even though all my labs are totally clean – you know, I gots to worry about something).

But while at the orthopedist, I asked him about it because it is really painful – which he confirmed by sticking his finger right into where the muscle is and making me scream.

Thanks a butt load doc.

But to my relief, he told me it is indeed a muscle that is paining me.  Ice and heat, ice and heat.  He said I probably did it by lifting something heavy (besides me).

Later at the grocery store, I had an epiphany.  Or, more appropriate, a d’oh moment.

As I was putting the big ass box of kitty litter into the cart – I realized that was the side that was constantly hurting.  And I further realized, that I usually end up using my dominant hand/arm to lift the kitty litter, and it is probably not a coincidence that it is my dominant side that pains me.

As I said:


So now, I will try to be an equal opportunity lifter – using both hands/arms to lift big ass boxes of kitty litter.

I would try to potty train the cats, but I tried that years ago and all I ended up with was a toilet full of kitty litter and a wet pissed off cat.

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