Fat Lady Running Beryl Cook

(BTY – this is a painting by one of my favorite fat artists – Beryl Cook, you can check out some more of her stuff on my Pinterest Board – Fat Art – Beryl Cook)

Well, run is probably the wrong verb.  But whatever your speed (and mine is admittedly slow) you “run” errands, right?

Got so much done.

Went to the orthopedist and got a cortisone shot in my fat old lady knee.  (It’s been a year since my last shot, so my fat old lady knee definitely hung in there pretty well.)

Stocked up on my acid blocker (which is no longer prescription, so I can’t get it by mail from my HMO – boo; and I can’t get as good of a price as I do at my HMO’s pharmacy).

Actually got my car washed.

Cue music – wonder of wonders, miracles, of miracles, I took my car in to be washed ….

Poor thing was extra nasty due to the drippy tree I park under – must be spring – because the sap is flowing – all over my poor car.

And got the grocery shopping done!


And hauled said groceries in from the car, put them away, brought in the trash barrels, and brought in the mail.

And then …. It was time to start work.

I feel so fucking accomplished!


    • It was a busy day! Sometimes the shots hurt like a bitch kitty, but this time not so much. I think the doctor took extra care in numbing me up first.
      I’m glad you like my blog. I just wish I was better about keeping it up.

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