I open up Yahoo this morning and there’s this picture of Putin in a mini-sub that is (supposedly) headed down to the bottom of the Black Sea.

Okay. Don’t know why that is so exciting but fine. Whatever.

But I have one question – to the right of Putin’s head – is that a roll of toilet paper?

It sure looks like a roll of toilet paper.

And if it is a roll of toilet paper, what is it doing there?

Are mini-sub rides in Russia so terrifying you might have the shit scared out of you (literally)? Do the seats in Russian mini-subs double as porta-potties? Or, like many people, are you expected to use the toilet paper as a substitute for tissues (in case you sneeze or for make-up removal)? Or is it the mini-sub’s de-fogging apparatus?

Questions! I have questions!

If the toilet paper is there for it’s traditional uses, I have to admit I admire Putin’s bravery. Heading down into the ocean depths in a self-contained toilet – that cannot be pleasant.

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