meltingCould someone please have a talk with your deity of choice about the weather here in San Jose?

It’s just too flipping hot.

I HATE hot weather.

I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, but if you are cold, you can put something more on.

When it’s hot, you can only take so much off.

I have the fans all pointed at my sweaty, minimally clad body, and I’m still HOT.

And, as much as I hate to admit it, my dear husband was right about fans. They do nothing to cool a room off. They only work to cool you off – not the room – when they are blowing right on you because (a) our bodies produce heat and the air from the fan is moving that heat away from you; and (b) it helps with the evaporation of sweat which cools the body.

Sorry honey. (Good thing he loves me for my fat old lady body … among other things.)

But I digress (big surprise). It is still too flipping hot.

We don’t have A/C because for the past 19 years of living in San Jose, for the most part, we did not need A/C. You had a few really hot days in the summer and that was it. Now we have quite a few really hot days, and I suspect that in the future we will be having a whole lot more really hot days; and I do not foresee me changing my opinion about really hot weather.

So maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and put in A/C, but while I may be dumb enough to think a fan cools the air in a room, I am NOT dumb enough to think that the height of summer is a good time to call about having A/C installed.

Oh, and because this is California and we have this drought thing, I cannot, in good conscious, do what I want to do – go lay on the hammock and turn the sprinkler on next to me.

So for now, I’m melting … melting ….


  1. omg are you Kathrine?! i made a poem about you.. like ur creepy and stuff like that, if your still alive feel free to reply! and if your not… dont haunt me…

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