broken bed

Okay – actually I’m rough on the bed. As in our bed frame broke this morning. (Happily, no cats were injured in the collapse.)


I feel like I’m teetering on the edge of a bout of depression and this is really not what I needed in my life, you know.

Well, time to finally get the kind of bed I’ve wanted for lo’ these many years.  I want one of those platform beds with the drawers under them; and I want a bookcase headboard to go with it.

Check things out on ((if you are not aware, use for your purchases and a percentage of the $$ spent goes to the charity of your choice – at NO additional cost to you – painless giving. Love it.) The stuff I love is way more than I want to spend, plus I’m not seeing exactly what I want.

Go check things out at Ikea. Find something I can live with – not exactly, but close enough. The website says it’s available, going to have to pay a bundle for shipping, no idea when it will show up, and you can’t arrange assembly if you purchase online – you have to go into the store for that – oh, and you have to buy the bed slat frame separately.

Fine, fine, fine.

Put it all in my cart. Go to pay for it. NOT IN STOCK/NOT AVAILABLE.


Back to, and get serious about searching. Finally find a platform bed with drawers and a bookcase headboard, and I can book the assembly now and online, and free shipping, and a window for delivery. The finish is cherry. My floors are oak. I can live with this; plus it looks a lot more solid than the Ikea version and with the free shipping the cost is comparable.


So, it is ordered, paid for, and in a couple of weeks, we should have a new platform bed. In the meantime, I have to go take the old bed frame apart, and we’ll be sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

Oh my aching fat old lady knees.

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