rosie the riveterThe saga of my broken bed continues.

Yesterday, I went to take the old bed frame apart and prepare for 2 weeks of snoozing on the floor and trying to get my fat old lady butt up from that level each morning. Not a pleasant image, I know.

So I’m looking at this boo-boo bed frame, and I see that actually only ¼ of the thing is “broken”. It’s the lower left quarter and it’s “broken” to the extent that a row of the supporting wires are now bent at maybe a 45 degree angle making it impossible for the topmost part of that section cannot rest on the supports for it. The rest of the bed is (mostly) fine. In bending some of the heavy-duty plastic supports (I know, plastic, right? Who the fuck uses plastic, I don’t care how thick it is, for supports on what is supposed to be a heavy duty bed frame?) are also bent making alignment an issue.

So what’s a fat old lady to do?

Get the duct tape, of course!

I duct taped the LIVING HELL out of that bed frame.

I duct taped the bottom (broken) quarter to the top (unbroken) quarter on that side, and duct taped the top (unbroken quarter) to the supports (attached to the legs). When I started the supporting struts that go between the two halves of the bed wouldn’t fit because of the unevenness; when I and my roll of duct tape were finished – those struts just popped into place!

All of this required my getting my fat old lady butt down on the floor, and up again, and down again, and up again, and oh my aching fat old lady knees and ass, but it was worth it.

I may be aching today, but we were able to sleep on our bed last night and climb out at the usual height. So some aches and pains yesterday and today are absolutely a fair trade off for 2 weeks of non-painful mornings getting out of bed.

And if it breaks again, I still have some duct tape left on that roll!

I am one butch cookie!

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