oil leakYou probably know that California is in the midst of a terrible drought and Texas is pretty much under water.

What to do?

Well, remember that pipeline the oil companies wanted to put across the country to carry oil from Canada all the way down to Texas (because what could possible go wrong with that)? And enough people said, hell no?

Well, lets build that pipeline and lets use it to transport water. Then when an Eastern City is buried under snow, instead of pushing it into the ocean or a local river, they could ship it where the water is needed; or when rivers start flooding (and it seems like the same rivers keep flooding every year at around the same time), the water levels could be controlled by using a pipeline.

And you know what, if the damn thing springs a leak (as pipelines tend to do), it’s just water! No birds die, no ground water is contaminated, it’s just fucking water.

With climate change, it is predicted our weather will get more and more extreme. Well it seems like this might help mitigate some of the problems.

But where do we get the money? Well, how much does the government have to shell out for the damage that flooding causes? There’s a chunk of change that could be re-routed to prevention. I know nobody wants to tax the farmers, but in the case of huge agro conglomerates, let’s ask them to share the burden. I know California buys water now. I don’t know what it spends, but I’m sure that’s another big chunk of change. And let’s face it, we could have built this thing many times over for the cost of our latest wars.

I am sure there are many problems with this idea. Feel free to shoot me down. I just think it is, basically, a pretty good idea. Certainly better than pumping another country’s toxins across our country to benefit oil companies that are already swimming in cash.

Just saying.

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